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Scotland’s regional airports worst hit for flight cancellations

Scotland’s regional airports worst hit for flight cancellations

A new study has revealed the UK’s worst airports for flight cancellations in recent months, with one English airport seeing more than one in six of flights cancelled.

The study by analysed CAA Flight Cancellation data to reveal the UK airports that have seen the most flight cancellations in 2022 so far.

Barra airport in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland has seen the greatest amount of flight cancellations this year so far, with 18 per cent of flights cancelled.

The airport is a short runway airport sitauted in the bay of Traigh Mhòr at the northern tip of the island of Barra. It is believed to be the only airport in the world where scheduled flights use a tidal beach as the runway.

Other Scottish regional airports that were among the list were Campbeltown on the west coast of Scotland, Islay and Tiree in the Inner Hebrides, and Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides.

Out of the UK’s 30 biggest airports, Southampton saw the highest number of delays at five per cent, followed by Kirkwall with 3.18 per cent of its schedule cancelled, and Guernsey with 3.09 per cent of flights cancelled.

Airports that have had no cancellations in 2022 include Southend, Bournemouth, Prestwick, Exeter, Shoreham and Teesside International.

James Andrews, Senior Personal Finance Expert at, advises travellers to make sure they know their rights and what they are entitled if their flights are cancelled ahead of travel.

“Under UK law, airlines must provide a reasonable amount of food and drink during a significant delay, which are often provided in the form of vouchers,” he said.

“Airlines must also provide accommodation if re-routed to the next day, or for as long as you are unable to fly, as well as transportation to and from the accommodation.

“If airlines are unable to arrange assistance, it is important you keep all your receipts so you can claim the cost back at a later date.”

If passengers are given less than 14 days’ notice of their flight cancellation, they may be entitled to compensation, Mr Andrews adds.

“However, this is only the case if the cancellation is the airline’s fault. Cancellations caused by factors outside the airline’s control, such as extreme weather and air traffic control issues, are not eligible for compensation.”

The UK’s top 10 airports with the most flight cancellations in 2022:

1. Barra, 17.78 per cent

2. Campbeltown, 12.15 per cent

3. Humberside, 11.05 per cent

4. Islay, 10.84 per cent

5. Tiree, 8.12 per cent


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