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TOP 12 Music Festivals in the Caribbean 2023

Best Caribbean Music Festivals 2023

Looking for the best music festivals in the Caribbean 2023?  Well, look no further! I’ve compiled the ultimate list of what I think are the best Caribbean festivals around these different idyllic islands and countries, and can’t wait to experience all of these myself someday!

It’s no secret that I’ve become a big fan of destination festivals, and the Caribbean is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world!  Why not plan ahead your next vacation, and combine it with one of these quality Caribbean festivals! 

Skip the cruises and all-inclusive resorts – and party it up to some of the world’s best musical artists!

The 12 Best Caribbean Music Festivals 2023

1) Vujaday Music Festival

Best Caribbean Music Festivals 2019

Image via Vujaday Festival

When: February 2023

Where: Barbados

Out of all the new festivals I’ve heard of in recent years, Vujaday is easily one of the most intriguing of them all!  This NEW destination festival in paradise almost seems too good to be true, especially with a star-studded underground house & techno line-up!

I’ve been dying to visit the idyllic island of Barbados ever since watching the iconic television show “FRIENDS”, and this might just be the best reason to start booking flights.

After a forced hiatus in recent years, Vujaday is making it’s massive return sometime 2023 – making it the perfect place to unplug, reconnect and embrace once again over 5 days of rhythm across 1 magical island.

“Join us on a remarkable journey where island relaxation and festival culture seamlessly intersect. Vujaday Music Festival is a thoughtfully curated selection of musical and cultural experiences that invites you to explore lush landscapes, dance on flawless palm-covered beaches and soak in translucent azure waters under a golden island sun. Ignite your sense of adventure, this is not a déjà vu; this is something you’ve never seen or felt before. This is Vujaday.”

2) Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest

Music Festivals in Jamaica 2020

When: May 2023 (TBC)

Where: Negril, Jamaica

Part Retreat, Part Music Festival, and 100% Life Experience

“A better Tmrw begins Tday along the breathtaking paradise of Negril, Jamaica’s famed 7-mile beach. Embrace the positive shift within your soul and watch the world begin to smile. Jamaica’s third annual Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest invites you to become part of a global movement, a catalyst for change to lighten our hearts and remedy our planet. Embark on a six-day journey of…

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