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Guide to Visiting Moreton Island For 2023!

a beach on moreton island

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Queensland does island weekend getaways better than most.

Whether you want to stretch out on your sun lounge and have cocktails by the pool, or have sand blown in your face as you fly down a dune on a toboggan – you can do all this and more on Queensland’s most adventurous island, Moreton Island.

When people think of adventurous islands in Australia, their minds immediately draw a picture of Fraser Island (K’gari).

And while you simply must check out Fraser Island, if you want somewhere a little quieter but no less adventurous, then Moreton Island is an excellent alternative and one we knew nothing of until our visit.

Moreton Island is a little off-the-beaten-path, but it’s becoming well known for its stunning pure white sand beaches, four-wheel driving adventures, and of course, the Tangalooma Wrecks.

But if you’re not sure how to visit Moreton Island and what there is to do, then be sure to keep on reading as we explain everything you need to know!

Where is Moreton Island?

map showing location of moreton island

Moreton Island, or Mulgumpin as it’s known by Quandamooka’s Ngugi people, the island’s traditional owners, is a large sand island off the coast of southeastern Queensland, Australia.

The island has a rich history. It is said that in 1770 Captain James Cook, the British explorer, visited the island and named its northwest extremity Cape Moreton. Another British explorer, Matthew Flinders, was who surveyed the whole island and drew up its map in 1799.

It’s just above North Stradbroke Island which is located just across from Brisbane.

Moreton Island is just 25 kilometres from the coast of Brisbane and is the third-largest sand island in the world. 98% of the island belongs to Moreton Island National Park and is protected, so you can bet there is nothing but unreal natural beauty here.

Moreton Island is protected by Moreton Bay and connects to the Coral Sea. It’s about a 75-minute ferry ride from Brisbane.

Is Moreton Island Worth Visiting?

bushes and trees next to the beach

If it’s true that first impressions count, then I immediately knew this was going to be a fun weekend getaway from the moment I saw Moreton Island appear on the horizon from the ferry.

Our adventure started onboard the 75-minute ferry ride across Moreton Bay when we kicked off our shoes and chatted with Greg and Nicole from Sunset Safaris, who we were booked to tour the island with.


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