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15 Best Things to Do in Mauritius + How to Plan the Perfect Vacation

underwater waterfall mauritius

3. Helicopter Tour Over an Underwater Waterfall

-20.4735767,57.3125575, map

Fees: MUR40,000 for 4 from Avalon + MUR2,000 Landing Fee

Have you seen an underwater waterfall? Okay, this one is an optical illusion but is still beautiful nonetheless. You can only see it by helicopter at a specific angle. We did a 30-minute helicopter tour, which gave us time to make a few passes at the Underwater Waterfall. Then we got an aerial view of the 7 Colored Earth, Black River Gorge National Park, and Grand Bassin.

The chopper also had windows we could open to shoot photos without glare! Plus, they did a great job keeping all the windows clean and clear.

Booking the tour, however, was confusing. There are only a handful of helipads on the island, and you can only use them if you’re a guest of the specific hotel with the helipad. We had to contact Avalon Golf Estates separately to get permission to fly out of there and then pay a MUR2000 fee. This was also not very straightforward.

If you’re looking to book a helicopter tour, just contact Air Mauritius via email immediately. Tell them what you’re interested in doing and where you’re staying. Then have them help you figure out the details. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions or ask for help if you need it. It was the most frustrating excursion to plan, but the views were worth it.

Photo Tip: If you want serious filming, you can request a doors-off helicopter tour. It costs more and requires other approvals through the government, but they can walk you through those details too.

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