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The Most Scenic Routes for Road Trips

Inviting road to the mountains

The quintessential road trip is one of the most iconic aspects of American life. There’s simply something charming and nostalgic about hitting the open road, taking in the many sites, towns, and cultures along the way. They also provide an avenue for people to bond, explore, and even grow as individuals.

While you may have a clear destination before setting out, the route you choose is almost as important to figure out. To help you, we’ve compiled the most scenic routes in the United States to take to help get you where you need to go. On top of that, we’ve also outlined some of the finest auto auctions across the United States to help you find the right wheels to take you there.

Pacific Coast Highway

View of Pacific Coast Highway, at Garrapata State Park, California.
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Are you taking a trip along the west coast of California? The Golden State’s historic Highway 1, stretching from San Diego to San Francisco, is one of the country’s most breathtaking stretches of roadway. Along it, you’ll find towering Redwoods, historic landmarks, rocky coasts, and so much more.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes open; you may spot a harbor seal or catch a breathtaking sunset along the way. Also, if you’re driving nearby, check out the iconic 17-mile drive outside Pebble Beach — you won’t regret it!

The Overseas Highway

Aerial view of Bahia Honda State Park Bridges, Florida

Aerial view of Bahia Honda State Park Bridges, Florida – USA.
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Are you embarking on a journey across the Sunshine State? The Overseas Highway that spans across the Florida keys, stretching from the mainland to Key West, is one of the most unique driving experiences available in America. U.S. 1 is one of the country’s most iconic roadways, offering unique drives over the ocean as it surrounds you on both sides.

Along it, you can take in the unbelievable views of the ocean, visit many breathtaking coral reef parks and preserves found throughout the keys, and check out the famous 7-mile bridge, one of the longest in the entire world.

The Cascade Loop

Checking out Seattle or passing through Washington? The famous Cascade Loop is one of the more exciting and unique scenic routes to take on your road trip. This stretch of highway takes you in a massive 440-mile circle through some of Washington’s greatest sites.

You’ll drive through many mountains and forests and even pass by the famous Puget Sound. The biggest thing left to figure out is if you…

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