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How to Display your Photos

Ideas for Photo Display

If you’re anything like me, you probably take a lot of photos. One of the great things about digital photography is that we aren’t limited by how much film we can buy, carry, or develop. Digital photography has made taking photos easier and cheaper, and as a result we take a lot more photos than we used to do in the film era.

On a trip in the 1990s, I may have taken 4 rolls of film for a 2-week trip. With only 144 photos possible, this meant I thought about each snap. But today, I could easily take that many photos in a single day!

However, the downside to this digital freedom is that whilst you likely have a great many photos, you might also find yourself not doing as much with them as you would like. In fact, many people rarely look back at the photos they have taken.

Whilst it’s nice to have all those photos stored on our phones, memory cards, computer hard drives, or digital servers and available to be viewed at our whim, the sheer number of photos most of us have stored means that we don’t get to see most of these photos on any regular basis. It can also be hard to find our favorite photos among the thousands of photos we have taken and saved. So maybe it is time to change that!

Many of us over 30 years of age, not only have a lot of digital photos, but also have printed film photos and strips of film negatives lurking about in boxes, envelopes, and photo albums.

I wanted to share some ideas for displaying photos so you can see your images on a more regular basis, to bring back happy memories of trips, friends, family and other events in our life. After all, you took those pictures to look at them!

Ideas for Photo Display

There are lots of options for displaying your images, both for displaying images both physically and digitally, which we will go through. Let’s get started.

Photo Display Ideas

I’m going to share options for displaying your images both physically and digitally. They can both be good options, and we find they complement each other. Let’s start with the physical options and then cover the digital options.

Print them for display around your home

Perhaps the most obvious option is to print your photos out and display them around your home. You can either print them to be displayed in frames, or you can print them in larger formats such as on canvases to hang.

There are a wide range of printing options available to you for photos. These range from smaller 4×6 prints you can pop on a mantlepiece, to larger canvases or framed prints that can…

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