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Select Your 2022 Marriott Bonvoy Choice Benefits (Ending Soon)

Select Your 2022 Marriott Bonvoy Choice Benefits (Ending Soon)

Marriott Bonvoy members who achieve 50 or 75 elite qualifying nights during a calendar year are entitled to an Annual Choice Benefit, which allows them to choose one of several different benefits that may enhance their Marriott Bonvoy experience.

The deadline for making your selection for the 2022 Annual Choice Benefits is January 7, 2023, so you’ll definitely want to select last year’s benefits in the near future if you haven’t already.

 Let’s take a look at what Annual Choice Benefits are available for you to pick from. 

Select Your Annual Choice Benefit for 2022

You can head to the dedicated page on the Marriott website to complete your Annual Choice Benefit selection.

You’ll be prompted to log in to your Marriott Bonvoy account, and then you can make either one or two Choice Benefit selections depending on which elite night thresholds you’ve crossed.

Once your selections are made, they’re final and cannot be changed.

If you haven’t made your selection by January 7, you’ll receive the set of five Suite Night Awards as a default benefit for both the 50- and 75-night Choice Benefits.

In the case of the 75-night Choice Benefit, it might well have been more advantageous for you to wait until early 2023 (i.e., between January 1 and January 7) to finalize your selection, as we’ll discuss below.

Annual Choice Benefits at 50 Elite Qualifying Nights

Upon earning 50 elite qualifying nights in a calendar year, you’ll get to choose one of the following rewards as a Choice Benefit:

  • Five Suite Night Awards
  • Five extra elite qualifying nights
  • 40% off a Marriott hotel bed
  • A US$100 charity donation
  • The ability to gift Silver Elite status to another member

Personally, I think the best choice here is the set of five Suite Night Awards, which allow you to request (but not necessarily confirm) an eligible suite upgrade on up to five nights’ worth of hotel stays over the upcoming year.

After confirming a hotel reservation, you have the ability to apply Suite Night Awards to a select suite that the hotel makes available for Suite Night Award upgrades.

Starting five days before your stay, the system will begin checking with the hotel whether your Suite Night Awards can “clear” into your desired suite upgrade.

If so, your suite upgrade will be confirmed prior to your arrival; however, there’s no guarantee that they will clear, and the suite upgrade may still be…

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