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The 7 Best Hostels in Istanbul (Updated 2023)

The iconic Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, on a bright and sunny day

Posted: 1/3/23 | January 3rd, 2023

Istanbul is a dynamic, sprawling, and historic metropolis known for bridging Europe and Asia. For centuries it was one of the most important cities in the world, a hub for trade and culture between the four corners of the earth.

Like Rome, Istanbul has layers upon layers to unravel as you wander its bustling streets. Now home to over 15 million people, it was once the capital of the Byzantine Empire (the inheritor of the Roman Empire). Then it was the center of the Ottoman Empire, which lasted over 600 years before dissolving in 1922.

Istanbul used to be a very cheap place to visit. However, prices have risen in recent years due to rampant inflation. But it’s still super affordable and home to several fun, social, and affordable hostels that can save you some money — money you can then spend on delicious food, aromatic Turkish coffee, and any of the amazing sights and activities the city has to offer, such as visiting Hagia Sophia or relaxing in an authentic hammam.

But before you book your hostel in Istanbul, here are four things you need to remember:

  1. 1. Location – Istanbul is huge. It’s separated by the Bosphorus Strait, so picking a hostel in a location you want to be based in is essential.
  2. 2. Price – As in any city, you get what you pay for. If you pick a really cheap hostel, you’re probably going to get one that is small and cramped and doesn’t offer great service.
  3. 3. Amenities – Every hostel in town has free Wi-Fi, and most have self-catering facilities so you can cook your own meals. Many — but not all — include free breakfast, so be sure to do your research to find the one that best meets your needs.
  4. 4. Staff – All the hostels listed here have amazing staff who are super friendly and knowledgeable. Even if you don’t end up staying at one of the places listed below, be sure to look up reviews so you’ll know you’ll have staff who are helpful and friendly. They can make or break a hostel!

Below is my list of the best hostels in Istanbul. If you don’t want to read the longer list below, the following are the best in each category:

Best Hostel for Budget Travelers: Second Home Hostel or Hostel Le Blanc
Best Hostel for Partying: Bahaus Guesthouse and Hostel
Best Hostel for Solo Female Travelers: Cheers Hostel
Best Hostel for Digital Nomads: Second Home Hostel
Best Hostel for History Buffs: Cheers Hostel
Best Overall Hostel: Hostel Le Blanc

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