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Floating tent resort will see guests sleep hundreds of metres above the ground

Floating tent resort will see guests sleep hundreds of metres above the ground

A new floating tent resort will enable guests to sleep hundreds of metres above the ground, in the mountains of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The proposed line of tourist tents will host up to 10 canopies, which would be suspended from the mountainside.

The ambitious resort has been dubbed the Floating Retreat, and plans for it have been drawn up by Dubai-based design studio Ardh Architect.

Ardh Architect was approached by the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority, with a view “to look into a new typology of hospitality”.

Tents will be clear at the front to allow for magnificent views


Subsequent plans for the suspended accommodation followed, with the design team describing each tent as a floating hotel room complete with room service, entertainment and WiFi access, provided via headsets and tablets.

Because of the resort location, the tents will have fabric sides, while the facade will be constructed using clear material to ensure travellers are granted panoramic mountain views. Privacy has been considered too; the floating rooms won’t be placed too close together.

As explained by Ardh: “Individual tents/pods of the floating retreat are designed to bring luxury and comfort to those who cannot participate in mountain climbing or other adrenaline-filled outdoor activities.”

Plans show that each floating hotel room will have a private bathroom, plus access to a five-star spa, located at the top of the mountains of Sharjah.

The unique accommodation could be built in the mountains of Sharjah


There will be a main reception area on the ground floor, with concierge service and a restaurant for guests. Private tours of the mountain are also on the cards.

Different floating tent layout options are set to be offered, with the plans keeping different guest booking purposes in mind. Suggested trip types include business retreats, spiritual escapes and yoga sessions, so specific preferences will be considered to suit each individual or group’s need.

In terms of booking availability, guests will be allowed 24-hour tent access over the winter, but from May to September use of the tents is permitted in daytime only.

A launch date yet to be announced – the production of the floating tent resort is currently classed as “pending”.

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