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The best architectural masterpieces by Frank Lloyd Wright in USA and Japan

The best architectural masterpieces by Frank Lloyd Wright in USA and Japan

This is an important year for fans of the late architect Frank Lloyd Wright: 2019 marks 60 years since he died, and 60 years since his greatest work, the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, opened in New York City. The Guggenheim was one of eight of Wright’s buildings to be awarded Unesco World Heritage status in July.

Here are 10 of his most striking creations.

The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York City, USA

Although the curving Guggenheim is, in many ways, a world away from the blocky, Cubism-inspired designs of properties such as the Fallingwater house in Pennsylvania, it still has various Frank Lloyd Wright trademarks. The use of exposed concrete and the inclusion of a large glass dome, for starters. The museum was built to house the art collection owned by Solomon R Guggenheim, and it opened six months after Wright’s death. Fun fact? Wright originally wanted the exterior to be bright red, which the architect believed was the “colour of creation”.

Jiyu Gakuen Girls’ School, Tokyo, Japan

Jiyu Gakuen Girls’ School, which is open to the public, was commissioned by Yoshikazu Hani, who wanted to build a Tokyo school that felt like a home. Wright achieved this by adding a beautiful courtyard, ornate patterned window frames and various other decorative touches, such as the beautiful pendant lamps in the dining room. Look closely and you’ll also notice the former school’s unusual dimensions – Wright designed this as a…

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