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16 New York Travel Tips to Save Money and Maximize Time (epic guide)

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There is just no place like New York City. It’s a huge metropolis with about a million things to do, so it’s no wonder it’s at the top of everyone’s travel bucket list.

If you are planning to visit NYC, you are going to have the trip of a lifetime. But it’s no secret that New York City is expensive. But it doesn’t have to blow a hole in your wallet if you know a thing or two before you go.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to the best New York travel tips to help you save money and maximize your time.

There are endless attractions in New York, as well as great neighborhoods to explore, incredible food, and great coffee. Just wandering the streets and soaking up the atmosphere can be very memorable.

So if you’re looking for ways you can visit New York on a budget and reduce your travel costs, then you’re in luck, because we’re happy to share some NYC travel tips below based on our own extended travel to the city.

Our Top New York Travel Tips

So without further ado, here are some of our top NYC travel tips to help you maximise your experience and stick to your budget.

1. Carefully research and plan your NYC trip

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It’s important to do a lot of research and have a good plan of action in place before you visit New York.

There is just too much to do and see in NYC. You’ll waste a lot of time and money if you are not prepared.

Plan out what it is you want to see and do – your absolute must not miss – so you can find the best deals and organize your schedule so you do not waste time moving around the city.

We’re visiting NYC with my parents in May for five days and, even though we’ve been before and was quite unplanned, we are planning our trip to New York already.

Our time will be short with my parents and, as it’s probably their one and only time in New York, we want to make it amazing and not waste time and money.

Make sure you monitor the weather and have a plan for whether it is rainy or snowing. You may need to shuffle a few things around on your schedule.

Book Tours of NYC If You’re Short on Time

If your first time visitors or you only have one or two days in New York City, we recommend you book yourself a city tour. This way you don’t have to waste valuable time trying to get from A to B and getting lost. Here are some top tours we recommend.

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