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Why Chile Shouldn’t Be Missed Off Your Adventure Travel Itinerary

Glacier Grey Torres Del Paine Chile

Glacier Grey in Torres del Paine National Park. Photo by Steph Dyson.

If you haven’t yet considered Chile as your next adventure travel destination, then you seriously should. Not only is this country jaw-droppingly beautiful from every angle (yup, she’s a stunner), but Chile offers adventure in spades.

Recently awarded the title of South America’s Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2016 in the World Travel Awards, Chile’s profile as an adventure traveller’s paradise is gaining some well-deserved recognition.

While the relatively higher cost of travelling here often makes it a less attractive destination for backpackers in South America, the old adage “you get what you pay for” is always true. In this case, it means much more reliable and higher quality tourist facilities; and proves that Chile is worth every penny.

So without any further ado, let me introduce to you to why Chile is the ultimate destination for your next adventure fix.

Torres Del Paine National Park
Torres del Paine. Photo by Steph Dyson.

1) You must have heard about the hiking – right?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or on top of a mountain for the past decade, you’ve probably heard word of Torres del Paine. One of the favourites on the Patagonian tourist circuit, this mountain, glacier, and meltwater lake filled national park in the south of Chile will probably be the highlight of your trip

The most famous of the routes are the ‘W’ and the Circuit: the former, a four-day hike passing through forest, scrubland, and lakeside vistas to the enormous Glacier Grey, and the sky-piercing granite Torres, after which the park gets its name.

The Circuit is a seven- to ten-day hike that marches around the back of these giant monoliths, visiting a whole of host of other glaciers and desolate, barely-explored stretches of mountain.

Both are walkable without a guide, just camping equipment, a decent set of hiking clothes and shoes, and a strong desire to see quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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Ice Climbing On Volcan Villarrica.
Ice climbing on Volcan Villarrica. Photo by Steph Dyson.

2) There are a whopping 36 national parks begging to be explored here

Chile’s national parks – of which there are 36 – are ready and waiting for the intrepid explorer. Valle Cochamó in the Los Lagos Region is one of the least-known, but most rewarding to visit.

Accessible only by foot or on horseback, this valley is lined on both sides by vertical granite…

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