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Hiking and Canyoning in Durmitor National Park, Montenegro

Durmitor National Park Montenegro

When we showed up in Montenegro, a country that literally translates as “Black Mountain”, we were determined to spend some time exploring the peaks and crags around the place.

Hanging out by the sea in Kotor was awesome, but the mountains of Durmitor National Park were calling…

Alesha and I packed up our things and headed north, aiming for the spectacular Durmitor National Park.

Home to the largest mountain in the country, the biggest canyon and Europe and a bunch of epic rafting, we knew there was going to be lots of opportunities for some adventure.

The local bus twisted and wound its way through sensational scenery, dissecting the country from sea to summits. A few hours later we arrived in Zabljak and headed straight to our guesthouse, Underwoods.

The owner’s son came and sat down with us to run over a bit of information about Durmitor National Park. He and his sister spoke decent English, while the parents only knew the odd word. Still we felt 100% at home.

After getting the details of various treks and activities in the area we were itching to get into nature. 

The weather was perfect and we didn’t need any more motivation to drop our backpacks off and make a beeline for the national park.

Pine Forest Durmitor National Park Montenegro
Inside the pine forest.
Flowers Durmitor National Park Montenegro

It was getting on in the afternoon, and we decided to take a bit of a hike to visit some of the beautiful lakes that Durmitor National Park is known for.

After we paid our entrance fee (3 Euro for one day or 6 Euro for 3 days, the option we went for) we trekked towards the jewel of the park, the Black Lake.

This impeccable body of water is backed by gorgeous peaks and lush pine forest. Without exaggerating, it was honestly one of the most sensational sights we saw in all of the Balkans.

Black Lake Durmitor National Park Montenegro
The Black Lake in Durmitor National Park.

While the day was still going we took a short hike towards some other smaller lakes.

The walk through the pine forest was serene. There’s nothing quite like being in the middle of nature to soothe the soul.

The other two lakes were worth the hike, but didn’t have the “wow” factor that the Black Lake boasted.

Once we had snapped our photos we headed back to enjoy sunset before retiring for the night.

Hiking Trail Durmitor National Park Montenegro
The path towards the small lakes.
Small Lake Durmitor National Park Montenegro
One of the small lakes that are easily accessible from the main gate to Durmitor National Park.

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