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The 25 BEST Things to Do in Tokyo, Japan (2023 Edition)

Things To Do In Tokyo Japan

From walking through the greenery at Shinjuku Gyoen to catching a show at the Kabuki theatre, here’s our list of the best things to do in Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo is one of the world’s most unique cities.

The entire city is packed to the brim with cool and amazing attractions, and there is something fresh and exciting in every corner.

It’s a city that’s both crowded and relaxed at the same time, because while it’s a city of intimidating size, almost every neighbourhood has a homely feel.

You’ll find a busy shopping street around one corner, and a peaceful garden around the next.

Roam the streets and experience the unique culture of the city, in our list of the best things to do in Tokyo.

Don’t Miss These Top Things to Do in Tokyo

There are a lot of great things to do, and this is a destination where you’ll absolutely never be bored or unsure of what to see in Tokyo next.

Tokyo Station is well connected to other parts of Japan as well, and there are lots of day trips to take which are even easier with a Japan Rail Pass.

Make sure to take as much time as you need to explore Tokyo, as it’s a city unlike any other in the world.

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Trip Out at the Robot Restaurant

Look, we’re just going to call it now – The best thing to do in Tokyo is to go to the Robot Restaurant!

Not what you were expecting? Well trust us on this, just like the many tourists before you have…

Japanese culture in recent years has become an eclectic mix of old traditions and futuristic trends. It’s one reason why a visit to Tokyo is such an incredible experience.

And while most people might think of temples, museums and the cherry blossom season when planning out their holiday here, no trip is complete without a night out at Robot Restaurant.

Located in Shinjuku, the best way to explain the Robot Restaurant show is that it’s like doing acid in a real-life sci-fi movie.

Without giving too much away, the sensory overload show features lasers, trance music, enormous robotic dinosaurs and samurai warriors, half-naked cos-play dancers and a hell of a lot more.

Watch the video below and just go. It’s honestly amazing.

HOT TIP – Don’t purchase the dining experience. The meals are mediocre and overpriced. Eat before or after at any one of the incredible restaurants close by.

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Get Swept Away at Shibuya Crossing

Jump on the metro to Shibuya Train Station and…

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