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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Nakatsugawa, Japan (2023)

Things To Do In Nakatsugawa

Everything you need to know about what to do, where to stay and how to get around in our ultimate travel guide to Nakatsugawa, Japan!

Situated almost halfway between Tokyo and Kyoto along the JR Line, Nakatsugawa in the Gifu prefecture is in a perfect location for all visitors to stop off and explore.

With the Kiso River winding its way through the region, creating epic natural wonders like Ena Gorge and the Ena Valley, its beauty needs to be seen to be believed.

The historic Nakasendo Route leads right through the nearby Edo-era post town of Magome-juku, and close by you can hike to the top of Mt Ena.

Further from town you’ll find some of the Gifu Prefecture’s most epic landscapes, like Tsukechi Gorge and the tumbling falls.

But for some reason, despite all the incredible attractions, Nakatsugawa is often removed from travellers’ ‘places to visit in Japan’ list.

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This is such a shame, because as we found on our most recent trip to Japan, Nakatsugawa is one of the country’s most splendid highlights.

We were lucky enough to spend two full days exploring this fantastic city and all of its wonderful surroundings, and couldn’t believe just how fantastic it is.

To help (and encourage) other travellers to visit, we’ve put together this Nakatsugawa, Japan travel guide filled with all of our recommendations, tips and advice.

Do yourself a favour – next time you’re in Japan, set aside a few days to explore this mind-blowing city.

Alesha walking through the gorgeous Magome-juke post town near Nakatsugawa, Japan.

The Best Things to Do in Nakatsugawa City and Surrounding Area

To start off our article we want to dive straight into all the best things to do in Nakatsugawa City, and the surrounding area.

Whether you love nature, history, or even sake, you’re sure to have an awesome time here!

Walking Tour of Nakatsugawa

The very first thing you should do in Nakatsugawa, or any city in the world for that matter, is go on a walking tour.

Most people who come into Nakatsugawa head straight up to Magome, but before you make your way up there, spend a bit of time walking around the city.

It has a fascinating Japanese vibe, and the narrow, twisting alleyways are splendid to get lost in.

You’ll also find some quirky attractions, such as by the public toilet that looks like an old Japanese house. If you walk to the…

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