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Travel Tips and Things to Do in Iskanderkul, Tajikistan (2023 Guide)

Iskanderkul Lake Tajikistan

If you’re planning a trip to Sarytag and Iskanderkul, Tajikistan, then this comprehensive travel guide will help you plan all the things to do, where to stay, how to get there and more!

Known as one of the most beautiful of the ‘Stans in Central Asia, Tajikistan has slowly been cementing its place on the bucket list of adventurous travellers.

While not as popular as its neighbours, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, Tajikistan has a whole range of worthy attractions that are guaranteed to make your jaw drop.

From the fabled Pamir Highway along the Afghan border to the legendary Fann Mountains and even the bustling metropolis of Dushanbe, there’s plenty to do in this natural wonderland.

Tajikistan is 97% mountainous, and has the highest water reserves in Central Asian countries with more than 1,000 rivers, 2,000 lakes and scores of glaciers.

No wonder it’s mainly lovers of nature and adventure who flock here!

Having travelled all over the country, from 2015 right through to 2019, in my opinion, anybody planning a trip here should not miss one of the bluest glacial lakes in Tajikistan, Iskanderkul.

Iskanderkul and the nearby mountain village of Sarytag are a real jewel in the world of tourism.

Anywhere else in the world, these two places would have thousands of tourists visiting every single day.

But this is Tajikistan, and as such, there’s a good chance that if you visit you will be one of a few people there.

Beautiful Iskanderkul Lake with its turquoise glacial water

Iskanderkul or Sarytag?

To help you with your travels to this gorgeous part of the country, I’ve put together this comprehensive travel guide to Iskanderkul, Tajikistan, with just about everything you would need to know.

I’ll also mention the village of Sarytag, as it’s only a short distance past Iskanderkul and well worth a visit.

Iskanderkul Lake

Iskanderkul is the biggest lake in the Fann Mountains.

Located in the north-west of Tajikistan, only a few hours from Dushanbe, it is one of the most beautiful glacial lakes in the region.

On the north slope of Gissar Range in the Fann Mountains, this triangle-shaped lake is at an altitude of 2,195m and spans a whopping 3.4 square kilometres with a depth of 72 meters deep.

Even the Tajik president thinks so highly of it, that he has a built himself holiday house there. 

The lake’s name ‘Iskanderkul’ means “Lake of Alexander”, after the infamous Alexander the Great.

(Iskander is Persian for Alexander, while Kul is Turkic…

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