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19 AWESOME Things to Do in Bukhara, Uzbekistan [2023]

Kaylan Mosque Things To Do In Bukhara

Our expert list of all of the most incredible things to do in Buhkara, Uzbekistan!

A city synonymous with Uzbekistan’s fascinating Silk Road history, Bukhara is one of Uzbekistan’s most captivating ancient cities. With buildings as old as 1000 years, the city oozes history at almost every turn. 

The centre of Bukhara’s old town still retains much of its ancient charm despite the ravaging of the city by both Genghis Khan and the Soviet Union.

Unlike Samarkand, where the old has very much intertwined with new, Bukhara’s old town has barely changed since the pre-Russian days.

As a result, Bukhara is one of the best places in Central Asia to see what Central Asia was like before the Soviet Union took hold. 

The Best Things to Do in Bukhara

With 140 or so protected buildings, there is plenty to keep you busy. The cities back streets offer plenty of exploring opportunities. 

Make sure you take the opportunity to chow down on some Bukharan plov, which locals say is the best in Central Asia. 

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the best things to do in Bukhara. 

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1. Watch the Sunset from the Small Cafe Chashmai Mirob 

One of the top things to do in Bukhara is a strange one. However, we promise it’s worth it.

Just to the north of the Kalon Minaret, you will find a set of stairs that will take you up to the cafe Chashmai Mirob.

However it’s not the food or drinks that people come here for, it’s the views at sunset. 

The cafe overlooks the Kalon Mosque and Minaret as well the Mir-i-Arab Madrasa and the views at sunset are spectacular. If you want to see the city at its most splendid, this may be one of the best things to do in Bukhara.

This certainly still seems to be a hidden gem. With many of the most popular eating and drinking establishments being in the vicinity of Lyabi-Hauz this cafe is well away from the evening hubbub.

After a long day exploring Bukhara on foot, this is a wonderful place to put your feet up and enjoy a beer. 

Watching the sunset over the Kaylon Minaret Mosque

2.  Visit the Ark 

Just down the road from the Kaylon complex, this is Bukhara’s oldest and most well-known building. It was here the various rulers lived and governed from the 5th century all the way up to 1920 when the Red Army decided to bomb it. 

Now it houses some great museums where you can understand a little about Bukhara’s history…

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