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Sailboat Rentals in Ibiza, Mallorca, or Greece

Yacht in Es Vedera, Ibiza (photo: Jordan Irving)

Without a doubt, sailboat rentals make for a great vacation; the only question is where to go. Sailboat rentals in Ibiza are very popular, as are sailboat rentals in Mallorca. But the Balearics aren’t the only famous places to sail.

Sailboat rentals in Greece are becoming increasingly favored as well. With this in mind, let’s take a deep dive and explore the options.

Where to Charter a Sailboat

Yacht in Es Vedera, Ibiza (photo: Jordan Irving)
Yacht in Es Vedera, Ibiza (photo: Jordan Irving)

Sailboat Rentals in Ibiza

Ibiza is part of the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

A sailboat rental in Ibiza makes the whole island accessible, which means quiet and secluded beaches and coves come into easy reach.

If you want to moor up and explore the island, you’ll find it packed with beautiful things to see and do.

You can:

  • Visit San Antonio – Plenty of entertainment in the form of clubs, bars, restaurants, and vibrant beaches and promenades.
  • Water sports – Lots of aquatic activities are catered to in Ibiza.
  • Explore – Spend time around the island to get a complete picture of life in Ibiza.
Sailboats in Mallorca (photo: Eugene Zhyvchik)
Sailing in Mallorca (photo: Eugene Zhyvchik)

Sailboat Rentals in Mallorca

Mallorca is also part of the Balearic Islands and the largest one in the archipelago.

It has lots of historical places to visit and offers the same attractions as its smaller cousin.

There are distinct differences between the two locations. Its larger landmass gives you more diversity; however, finding secluded coves is a little more difficult. It is just a question of what you want to do.

Things you can do in Mallorca include:

  • Visit Palma – The capital of Mallorca features historical sites and fantastic shopping, including boutique stores, excellent museums, and an abundance of bars and restaurants.
  • Pollenca – This quaint coastal town is perfect for reaching with your sailboat rental in Mallorca.
  • Alcudia – A historical town in the north of the island is packed with history, and the narrow streets give you a flavor of what life was like hundreds of years ago. Alcudia is all so known for having excellent shopping.

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Catamaran in Greece
Catamaran in Greece

Sailboat Rentals in Greece

The home of civilization, Greece has some amazing things to do from the deck of a sailboat rental.

The islands are where many would-be sailors head, as each has its own character.

Exploring the Greek islands is an unforgettable…

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