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Messi makes memories on an unforgettable adventure in Saudi

Messi makes memories on an unforgettable adventure in Saudi

A global campaign has been launched to inspire people to embark on a transformative journey and discover the underexplored destinations of Saudi.

As well as the creation of four new and diverse itineraries across the region, “Discover a New Side of Yourself in Arabia” was launched in partnership with international football megastar Lionel Messi, who became the face of the initiative following his trip to Saudi in May 2022.

On his trip, Messi enjoyed a break in the sunny coastal city of Jeddah, relaxing on the clear waters of the Red Sea, uncovering Saudi’s fascinating heritage, and unwinding with friends and family.

The four new itineraries have been specially designed to showcase the unexpected in Saudi, and are centred around adventure, culture, heritage and Messi’s Ultimate Saudi Experience. Keen adventurers can experience Messi’s favourite spots in Saudi and visit Jeddah for a coastal escape and then head south to Khamis Mushait and the exciting mountainous province of Asir.

Culture fanatics can dive into Saudi’s bustling souks, witness the majesty of UNESCO World Heritage Site Rijal Almaa, marvel at the natural beauty of Elephant Rock in AlUla, and explore the birthplace of the first Saudi state in Diriyah and experience Hafawah – Saudi’s incomparable culture of hospitality.

Budding historians will be treated to guided tours through millennia-old rock formations, ancient buildings found in UNESCO World Heritage sites, grand palaces and fascinating museums.

From the serene coastal wonders of the Red Sea, the deep-rooted history of Jeddah’s Al Balad, and the elegant luxury in AlUla, to Riyadh – where visitors can experience MDLBEAST, the region’s biggest electronic music festival – there are unforgettable experiences to suit all tastes in Saudi.

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