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Rocky Mountaineer Review – Everything You Need to Know

Rocky Mountaineer Review Train

Thinking about experiencing one of the world’s best train journeys? Have a read of our Rocky Mountaineer review to get an idea of what to expect along the way!

Life onboard Rocky Mountaineer is enjoyable and relaxed.

Snaking its way through the heart of the Canadian Rockies, the nation’s most luxurious and scenic train journey is an experience unrivalled in North America.

The pleasure of traversing the globe by rail has captured the hearts and dreams of travellers for years, and even though the modern age of cheap and fast flights has opened up destinations like never before, Rocky Mountaineer has embraced the slow, romantic travel that only a train trip can offer.

The family-run business has been operating majestic train journeys since 1990, and over the years their service has become synonymous with Canadian luxury travel.

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It is one of the most sought-after experiences for many visitors to the Great White North, and for good reason. There is nothing quite like it anywhere else on the continent!

If you’ve been looking for some Rocky Mountaineer reviews to find out whether it’s the right trip for you, we hope this article helps answers your questions.

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Rocky Mountaineer Review – Unsurpassable Luxury Travel

We joined the First Passage to the West, which traverses the classic route from Vancouver to Banff through the Continental Divide and into the spectacular ranges of the Canadian Rockies.

This particular journey is the most popular trip that Rocky Mountaineer offers, and it’s the one that most people have visions of when planning their own train adventure through Canada.

We travelled in GoldLeaf Service, Rocky Mountaineer’s premier class, and the epitome of luxury and quality in train journeys.

This is a two-day trip, with a night spent in comfortable accommodation in Kamloops along the way. You do not sleep on the train, but you do spend most of each day onboard.

As part of the experience Rocky Mountaineer took care of all the logistics for the journey, including hotels before, during and after the ride, and transfers between the stations and the accommodation.

Once you’re on board everything is all-inclusive, meaning except for any souvenirs you may choose to buy, you can leave your wallet in your pocket and enjoy the quality food, beverages and service that Rocky Mountaineer provides.

The First Passage to the West was the perfect introduction to luxury train…

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