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Sea Kayaking in Antarctica – The Ultimate Guide for 2023

Kayaking In Antarctica

If you’ve ever considered going sea kayaking in Antarctica (or are just curious), then this complete guide will tell you everything you need to know.

There’s no activity more tranquil, more invigorating, more uplifting, than floating majestically across a calm sea beneath a glorious pale-blue sky.

Throw in some icebergs, penguins, seals and baileys with hot chocolate, and you’ve got a recipe for perfection.

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Our first few days in Antarctica had involved zodiac cruises, land excursions, watching the abundant wildlife up close and even an evening spent camping on the continent. Each and every moment had been amongst the best experiences of our lives.

But there was one activity we were more excited for than anything else – kayaking along the Antarctic Peninsula.

We’ve been lucky enough to kayak in some phenomenal places, from the lakes of British Columbia to Ningaloo Reef in Australia, to the tropical islands of Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. But all these seemed to fall short compared to something as mystical as paddling next to icebergs and glaciers.

During our journey to Antarctica with One Ocean Expeditions, who are no longer in operation, we had signed up for their exclusive kayaking program, and anxiously awaited our chance to go out.

On our recent trip to Antarctica in 2022 we got to go kayaking again, and it was every bit as incredible as the first time.

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Kayaking Antarctica One Ocean Expeditions Sunset
The kayaks on the deck of the Akademik Ioffe, with an amazing sunset in the background.

As we had a desire to also take in as many chances for land excursions and photography opportunities as well, we organised to get out on the 4th day with the rest of the team.

We couldn’t believe our luck when we woke up that morning to a picture perfect day.

There was no wind at all, creating glassy conditions across the sea. Adding definition to the clear sky was one of nature’s most intriguing phenomena – lenticular clouds.

These UFO-shaped clouds are formed when air passes across the…

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