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Where To Stay In Morro Bay, California: 7 Best Areas

Where To Stay In Morro Bay, California: 7 Best Areas

As someone brought up in a country where two weeks of sunshine during the whole season of summer is considered “balmy”, I adore exploring California. One of my favorite road trips ever was driving a stretch of the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) along the California coast. I’ll admit, I planned this trip badly, spending a day of traveling nursing sunburn earned in Boulder Creek – a travel planner and some SPF 75 would have been handy-dandy.

So, on the third day, in a Starbucks-fueled haze, greased up with aloe, and foot to the floor of my rented Honda Civic, I stopped for more caffeine at Morro Bay on the way from Santa Cruz to LAX for a flight I couldn’t afford to miss. Turns out I could afford to miss it – because I didn’t want to miss a day in Morro Bay.

Named for the giant rock jutting out of the sea off the coast, Morro Bay is one of the most beautiful, laidback, and welcoming communities on California’s central coast. This small city in San Luis Obispo County is home to simply gorgeous views, complemented by the state’s stellar weather.

This neck of California is stunning, and Morro Bay and the sublime communities surrounding it represent an idyllic section of the state’s famous 840-mile coastline. This city is one of the best places to grab some R&R along a PCH road trip or enjoy a low-key seaside holiday.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Morro Bay, there are a ton of great rental options and hotels in Morro Bay. Looking for an oceanfront hotel with complimentary breakfast? It’s here.

Searching for a boutique hotel with stylish rooms? They’ve got you. Hunting for a beachside rental with spacious rooms and a seaside landing? Look no further.

Interested yet? Join me as I take a closer look at some of the most beautiful places to stay in Morro Bay, and learn more about this lovely little town’s tranquil Pacific Ocean neighborhoods.

TL;DR Our Favorite Accommodations in Morro Bay

Areas to choose from in Morro Bay

  • Best area for first-timers/tourists – Downtown
  • Best area for budget travelers – Little Morro Creek
  • Best area for luxury travelers – Embarcadero
  • Best area for safety – East Side Morro Bay
  • Best area for families – North Morro Bay
  • Best area for photographs – South Morro Bay
  • Best area for couples – Baywood-Los Osos

Where to Stay in Morro Bay, CA

1. Downtown Morro Bay

Morro Bay isn’t a particularly big town,…

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