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20 Awesome Tips for Planning Your Patagonia Trip

The View of Sunset On Torres del Paine From Patagonia Camp

Those fortunate enough to discover this premiere travel destination, reading insider tips for planning a Patagonia Trip can be a huge benefit.

The region is heaving with national parks and UNESCO sites, with four World Heritage Sites in Argentina and four World Biosphere Reserves in Chile.

It’s steeped in a history that reads like sea-going legend, and some fame is attached to it for simply being the most southernly bit of the American continent. 

Patagonia travel offers an awful lot to discover. It has a Pacific and Atlantic coast, both replete with cool ocean animals to spot, including whales, penguins, and sea lions.

It has vast grasslands, imposing rock faces, drifting glaciers, and serene lakes. It is wide open and scarcely populated, with just a spattering of unique towns and villages to suggest humans inhabit it at all.

There is also a lot to know before heading down that way. With such rugged and isolated terrain, it’s wise to understand the climate and the costs.

As an international destination, it’s important to know what documents to get before arriving and what items to take. In a place so expansive, it’s imperative to have an idea of how to get around.

In a world so chocked full of amazing stuff, it’s good to get a grasp on what to do and see. With this info in tow, a Patagonia trip is surely to blow you away (perhaps quite literally). 

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The View of Sunset on Torres del Paine from Patagonia Camp by Bret Love & Mary Gabbett


  1. What To Expect on a Trip to Patagonia
  2. Things To Know Before Your Patagonia Trip
  3. Traveling To Patagonia
  4. Places To Visit in Patagonia
  5. Choosing Patagonia Tours

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Vinagrillo (a.k.a. Common Sorrel) at the Base of Torres Del Paine
Vinagrillo (a.k.a. Common Sorrel) at the Base of Torres Del Paine by Bret Love & Mary Gabbett


The stereotypical images of South America include historic colonial cities, colorful textile markets, wild Amazon rainforest animals, uncontacted indigenous tribes, and beautiful tropical beaches. 

But Patagonia offers a distinctly different type of South American experience. It’s sort of like the Yellowstone National Park of South America– a vast land carved by glaciers, full of wide-open spaces, endemic weird animals, and uniquely beautiful backdrops. 

Exploring Patagonia is a travel experience unlike anything else the continent has to…

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