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20 Exciting Things To Do In Edinburgh For 2023!

Old town Edinburgh view from Edinburgh Castle at sunrise

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Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital city and is famous for its literary heritage, historic landmarks such as the famous Edinburgh castle, and scotch whiskey.

It’s a buzzing city with something happening on any corner, and not just in August for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Needless to say, there are plenty of things to do in Edinburgh to keep you busy.

In this insider’s travel guide to Edinburgh, Jools Stone, who has lived in Edinburgh for more than 10 years, shares his inside knowledge on what to do in Edinburgh, including the best Edinburgh attractions, places to eat, drink, stay, and hang out.

Is Edinburgh Worth Visiting?

homes by a river in edinburgh

Before we get into the best things to do in Edinburgh, let’s quickly ask ourselves if it’s worth it.

Edinburgh has pretty much everything a traveller could ask for, apart from decent summer weather.

Centuries of history, beautiful architecture, a great dining scene, tonnes of good pubs, lots of arts and culture, lovely green spaces, the works.

It’s also very safe and easily walkable, since you can get from attraction to attraction on foot.

For these reasons, it’s absolutely worth visiting.

Best Things to Do in Edinburgh

sculpture or man on a horse near clock tower
Many museums to visit in Edinburgh

If you’re looking for Edinburgh tourist attractions to add to your list, then you’re going to love these unmissable things to do in Edinburgh.

1. Visit Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle on the hill with wall wrapped around it

Most people will want to see Edinburgh Castle when they visit the city. And for good reason.

Edinburgh Castle is steeped in the country’s rich history. Located on top of an extinct volcano, its iconic silhouette has been the backdrop of Edinburgh’s skyline since the Iron Age.

Thousands of years later, it still stands as one of Scotland’s most iconic attractions and continues to captivate tourists from all over the world.

There’s also plenty to explore indoors, like Edinburgh dungeons and The National War Museum which has uniforms, and military equipment, medals, weapons, paintings, and more, casting a light on Scotland’s military history throughout the centuries.

When planning your visit, don’t forget to watch the military ceremony known as the One O’clock Gunfire which occurs daily!

2. Check out the National Museums

open air exhibition hall with tall glass ceiling

The National Museums are a body of museums in Scotland that are famed for their historical importance and contributions to…

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