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El Nido Tour B: Is the Group Tour Worth It?

El Nido Tour B: Is the Group Tour Worth It?

If you have landed on this page, you already know that you have 4 options for island hopping in El Nido – tour A, B, C, or D, and are probably wondering if tour B is worth your time.

El Nido is a popular destination, and no matter which island hopping tour you join, you are bound to share the day with a lot of other people. I am happy to report that unlike the popular tour A and tour C, tour B is a bit on the under-the-radar side, and is therefore your opportunity to go on a group tour without the crowd.

I visited El Nido in November 2022, and joined tour A, B and C during my 5-day stay. Here’s my honest review on the tour B to help you decide if it’s for you:

How to Book El Nido Tour B:

I booked all of my El Nido tours through Klook, which I highly recommend, as I did not have to spend anymore time looking for a group tour whilst on the trip. Because of that, I was able to plan my days ahead of time, and if you are a Type A like me, you’d appreciate that, too.

I was surprised to see that the tour is advertised at a higher price on the island, which, while I am sure is negotiable, I very much prefer to have had it booked ahead online. El Nido is also a very cash based town, so if you book the tour in person, you are most likely to have to pay in cash. Speaking of which, come to El Nido with sufficient cash! Even though there seem to be plenty of ATMs in town, they do not always work. Currency exchange rates are very poor – I learned that the hard way.

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How Much is El Nido Tour B?

El Nido Tour B itself costs $18.89, and unlike tour A & C, did not require any additional entrance or kayak rental fees. If you wish to rent a snorkel and mask, it’s an additional 150 PHP (about $3). There’s also a compulsory environmental fee to pay at 200 PHP, which is valid for 10 days and can be used for other tours. These fees are collected in cash only.

It ended up being the cheapest tour I took on El Nido, and even though it is advertised as a 4-5 hour tour on the booking site, it ended up taking the whole day from 8:30am – 4:30pm.

El Nido Tour B Itinerary:

Hotel transfer is not included in this tour. You can arrange for a tricycle ride for about 300 PHP to the meetup point, which is Klook’s counter at Jhanna’s Inn before 8:30am. then, depending on your luck, your group may depart anytime between right away to an hour later, depending on the coastal guard clearance. This is the reality of group tours, don’t…

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