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These are the hottest travel trends for 2022

These are the hottest travel trends for 2022

If trip stacking doesn’t currently exist in your vocabulary yet, don’t beat yourself up about it. This travel industry trend is super fresh, born out of the pandemic when flight cancellations were happening at pace. Trip stacking helps you ensure your holiday plans don’t fall through because of travel restrictions. 

You can book a number of trips that offer free refunds or flexible booking. Even if you’ve only got your heart set on one vacation this year, trip stacking allows you to secure your space, whether it be flights or a package holiday, while insulating yourself from the risk of cancellations. Contiki CEO Adam Armstrong said in a recent interview that trip stacking is one of the biggest trends he’s noticed, with Gen Z and younger millennials likely to book multiple trips back-to-back. 

‘Some (are) exploring for months on end, taking advantage of the freedom that comes with being in-between jobs. Or seizing the gap year in-between college and career.’ 

Early 2022 booking data from Contiki is proof in the pudding. Trips to Greece, Italy, Egypt, and Costa Rica are being booked back-to-back by 18-35 year olds – and numbers are 375% up from last year. According to Armstrong, it’s a positive sign, meaning more young people ‘are ready to stretch their travel wings again.’

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