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TOP 20 Glamping Grand Canyon Sites For Your Bucket List [2021]

glamping grand canyon

Looking to embark on a Glamping Grand Canyon getaway? You’re in the right place! I’ve curated a selection of the finest glamping spots in the area, and I‘ve broken down each one in this post. All you have to do is choose which one is right for you! 

For the past six million years, the mighty Colorado River has been carving its way through the red and orange landscapes of picturesque Arizona. The result is an overwhelmingly expansive canyon, which has become the most revered of its kind.

Its name, of course, is Grand Canyon, and it’s one of the Seven Natural Wonders of our world. Standing at its rim is akin to doing the same at the edge of the Earth. And no matter how many pictures you see or articles you read, you can’t capture its awe until you’re there in the flesh.

This kind of natural extravagance pairs perfectly with the glamping experience. And fortunately, there are some brilliant Grand Canyon Glamping, and here’s your guide!

The 20 Best Glamping Grand Canyon Getaways

Quick Breakdown of Grand Canyon Glamping Sites

In a hurry? Here are my top picks in a few key categories.

Best Absolute Luxury Camping in Grand CanyonUnder Canvas Grand Canyon

Best Glamping in ArizonaGlamping in the High Desert – “The Kyo͞ob”

Best Affordable Glamping in Grand CanyonVintage Desert Glamping

Best Dome Glamping near Grand Canyon National ParkStargazing Glamping Dome

Best Grand Canyon Glamping Yurt Original Grand Canyon Yurt Camp Under The Stars #5

Best RV Grand Canyon GlampingOff-Grid Solar Camping near GC w/AC and Heat

I’ve included a bunch of useful, informative, and helpful videos about the Grand Canyon throughout the post. If you have a spare few moments, I highly suggest you check some of them out. They’ll help get you stoked and prepared for your trip to the canyon, and hopefully, bring a smile to your face!

Grand Canyon Glamping

Best Areas to Stay for a Visit to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park – If exploring the canyon is at the core of your trip, then staying inside the Grand Canyon National Park is ideal. It offers unparalleled proximity to the canyon. However, accommodation options are few and far between, and often booked up. Plus, more importantly, there are no glamping options here.

Williams – For glamping options, you’ll have far more luck looking around Williams. Known as the gateway to Grand Canyon National Park, it’s a small city just south of the park. The heart of the city is around an hour’s…

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