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How to Become an Airbnb Host (Tips and Advice for 2023)

How to Become an Airbnb Host (Tips and Advice for 2023)

Own a home and want to travel? Leverage your homeownership to give yourself the freedom to fund your next trip and learn how to become an Airbnb host today!

If you like to travel, chances are you have either stayed or considered a stay at an Airbnb property over the last few years.

Think of all of the reasons why an Airbnb property is a great choice when you travel. Airbnb properties: 

  • Tend to be conveniently located near places you want to explore
  • Usually have a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel like you are at a ‘home away from home’
  • Offer privacy and are nowhere near as crowded and noisy as hotels and other accommodations
  • Are reasonably priced and often offer amenities and creature comforts you won’t necessarily find in hotels 
  • Typically have hosts that interact with you and provide you with the inside scoop on where and what to do that you may not have found any other way

Now flip this around and think about how you can use your home to provide these great benefits to other travellers while earning enough money to pay for your next travel adventure! 

The Other Side – Why Become an Airbnb Host

There’s all kinds of great reasons to become an Airbnb host.

It’s not just so you can give back to the community that has been developed over the years. Mainly it’s because you can make really good money renting out your house, to help fund fun things like travelling the world!

If you’re wondering whether or not you should be a host on Airbnb, let me share with you some great reasons why!

Benefits of Airbnb For The Traveller

Here’s some of the benefits of hosting on Airbnb as a traveller.

Easy to create an account, list your home and monitor from the road Set your own pricing schedule and listing availability for your home
Pay your home expenses AND earn money to support your travels Peace of mind through insurance coverage and screening of guests
Earn extra money by listing a room while you are home Communicate with guests to reduce potential issues and improve their stay
Keep most (95% – 97%) of what you earn from each booking Change the pricing or availability as necessary or desired while you travel

As you can see, there are lots of good reasons to become an Airbnb host, and a lot of it comes down to being financially secure, having the flexibility and it being safe!

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