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Keemala Phuket Review – Phuket’s Best Luxury Resort [2023]

Pools Keemala Phuket Review

Looking for the most luxurious, unique hotel in Phuket? Check out our exclusive Keemala Phuket review to discover why you should be booking your stay here immediately!

Hidden away amongst the lush rainforest of Phuket’s coastal hills lies one of Thailand’s most peculiar luxury hotels.

Keemala Phuket is an escape from reality, where villas blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings, oceanview private pools perch impossibly on jagged cliffs and manmade waterfalls tumble into glistening streams.

On an island renowned globally as being home to some of the world’s greatest resorts, Keemala Resort manages to stand out from the crowd thanks to its architectural splendour, wild landscaping, 5-star dining and boutique customer service.

To stay at Keemala is to experience a unique world that redefines small luxury hotels in Thailand. Here lies a hotel where design comes from the history of ancient Phuket settlers, the clans that migrated to the stunning island in the time of the Silk Road.

The story forms the basis of the architecture, but it’s the famous hospitality of the Land of Smiles that energises the property.

Is it worth the hype though? That’s what we went to find out…

Private pools and rainforest views at Keemala Phuket Resort.

Keemala Phuket Review

We were fortunate enough to experience a stay at the Keemala Phuket Resort on our most recent visit to Thailand, and were floored with every aspect of the visit.

From the moment we arrived it was made clear that things were done differently at this private pool villa wonderland.

A golf buggy whisked us away from the timber gates tucked away in a quiet alley Kamala village along a winding, vibrant journey uphill to the reception.

Smiling staff greeted us with cold towels and welcome drinks, then led us out to the elevated Welcome Pavilion overlooking the entire resort to complete check-in.

The whole process was done quickly and efficiently while our bags were transported to our villa. With the formalities out of the way, the head concierge gave us an introduction to the hotel, a bit of its backstory, and a list of options we had for how to spend our evening.

From spa treatments to excursions to nearby Kamala Beach, there was a surprising amount on offer. But personally we couldn’t wait to get to our room and make the most of Keemala’s award-winning accommodation.

Another buggy transferred us to our Tree Pool House villa, and before we even stepped in the door we had fallen in love…

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