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The 16 Best Wildlife Experiences in Canada

Grizzly Bear Wildlife Experiences In Canada

Africa has its Big 5, and the Galapagos Islands boasts biological diversity, but it’s Canada that’s home to the world’s greatest wildlife safaris. For a holiday that you’ll never forget, don’t miss these 16 incredible wildlife experiences in Canada!

Imagine standing amongst 300,000 migrating caribou as they wander across the Arctic tundra, just you and the local guides casting your eyes on an annual spectacle that few humans have ever seen.

Or sitting amongst the spring wildflowers as a polar bear and her cubs emerge from their winter den for the first time, playfully rolling in the melting snow before beginning their new life as the planet’s largest apex land predator.

Perhaps photographing Atlantic puffins nesting on jagged, seaside cliffs or kayaking with pods of social orcas are the kinds of experiences that sit high on your bucket list.

No matter what your dreams of animal encounters are, few nations offer the abundance and variety of wildlife opportunities that Canada has in spades.

Already one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, now more and more wildlife enthusiasts are flocking to the Great White North in search of wildlife holidays in Canada that can’t be found anywhere else.

There is no shortage of incredible things to do in Canada, and you could easily spend a lifetime working your way from province to province creating a novel’s worth of memories.

However in our minds, its those wildlife experiences in Canada that will cement themselves as the most remarkable chapters.

Wildlife Experiences in Canada – The Ultimate Bucket List

For those in search of Canada’s great wildlife activities, our guide will help with all your planning, from what to do, where to go and of course what to see.

From visiting the polar bear capital of the world, to catching a glimpse of a spirit bear or black bear, to whale watching and more, there are many amazing wildlife experiences to have in Canada.

Charge your cameras, pack your bags and book your plane ticket – it’s time to head to the Great White North in search of the most incredible animal safaris on earth!

A grizzly walks across the Chilko River with its hunt. This scene and plenty more are waiting to be discovered in our epic guide on the best wildlife experiences in Canada! Image courtesy of Destination BC/Henrik Nilsson.

Walk with Polar Bears in Churchill

  • Where: Churchill, Manitoba
  • Best Time: July to November

With a reputation for being the ‘Polar Bear…

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