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The 21 BEST Things to Do in Ipswich, Queensland [2023]

Main Street Things To Do In Ipswich

Whether you’re looking to wander the heritage streets or dive into an outdoor adventure, you’re going to love this guide to all the best things to do in Ipswich, Queensland!

After spending some time around the Gold Coast and southern Queensland, we made our way towards the Brisbane region and decided to head inland a bit to see what else we could find.

Just a 45-minute drive from Queensland’s capital we drove into Ipswich, a place that used to be known as a working-class town but is now growing as an up-and-coming tourist destination

Local businesses and the government tourism board have been working hard to develop activities and attractions to draw people away from Brisbane for a weekend or more.

And the efforts are paying off.

Ipswich really surprised us in a good way. We weren’t sure what our experience would be like there, but we discovered plenty of fantastic places during our visit.

The beauty of Ipswich is that not only is the centre of town an attraction, but the surrounding area boasts plenty of incredible things to do.

The main street of the Ipswich city centre.

The Top Things to Do in Ipswich, Queensland

Whether you’re planning a day trip from Brisbane, trying to tick off all the great Ipswich points of interest over a few days, or making a getaway as a couple, family, friends or solo traveller, this blog post will help you make the most of your time there and know which are the top places to visit in Ipswich.

From visiting Ipswich Art Gallery or Ipswich Nature Centre, to exploring Queens Park to doing dot painting and learning about the Aboriginal culture, here is our list of the best things to do in Ipswich.

Take a Walk Through Queens Park

Queens Park is located in the heart of the Ipswich city centre at the end of Brisbane Street, and you can easily spend a morning or afternoon exploring the grounds.

Queens Park is one of the oldest parks in Queensland and has significant cultural heritage values.

The park’s original design goes all the way back to 1862.

When walking through Queen’s Park, you will experience old-world charm with modern-day conveniences.

So grab your friends or families and share a picnic on the grass or grab a coffee and go for a walk past the historic buildings and landscaped gardens.

Queens Park Ipswich
Take a walk around Queens Park.

Go for a Sip’n’Dip Indigenous Class in Queens Park

NOTE Unfortunately Ronald is not doing this tour anymore but Sip’n’Dip hopes to still be able to offer dot classes in the…

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