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5 best hikes in Grand Canyon National Park- Lonely Planet

Woman mountain hiker with backpack enjoys views across the Grand Canyon

Beaming with every shade of red imaginable and terrain that is equally as diverse, the Grand Canyon National Park was made for hiking. It’s easy here to plop yourself on a roadside bench overlooking its deep, layered rings of geological wonder and leave it at that. But to make the most of what for many is the trip of a lifetime, lace up those hiking boots and hit the park’s 595 miles of trails.  

Whether you’re after family strolls on paved routes or more challenging multiday treks, this Arizona hotspot has numerous options that give hikers a perspective you don’t get from a scenic drive or viewpoint: wandering through towering pines; navigating deep river basins; getting up close to desert bighorn sheep.

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With multiple visitor centers, a geology museum, accessible trails, and lodging throughout the park, the Grand Canyon is well set up to welcome hikers. Still, it’s best to plan your trip in advance and make early reservations. Packing the right equipment is essential too. Sunscreen, water, and checking the weather forecast before setting off are paramount here. These are the five best hikes in the Grand Canyon National Park.

There are views in Grand Canyon National Park, then there are the vistas from the Grandview Trail © aslysun / Shutterstock

1. Grandview Trail

Trail with the best views

12.5 miles round trip, 8 hours, strenuous

With sweeping canyon vistas, this advanced trail on the South Rim lives up to its name. Dating from 1893, the Grandview Trail was originally carved out by miners, seeking easier access to copper ore. Today, it has evolved into the ultimate full-day adventure for hiking pros.  

This trail throws you right in the deep end. From a well-marked parking area, steep switchbacks cut down dusty terrain, with vistas of the Hance Creek Valley greeting you at every turn. Following that, the rocky path periodically offers some flatter reprieves. The highlight of the trail is The Last Chance Mine, a former profitable copper mine. You can’t enter, but disused equipment is scattered nearby.

Note: there are no water stations on the Grandview Trail. Pack a filter if you want to drink water from a spring.

The wooden Ooh Aah Point sign in the centre of the picture, which overlooks the vast Grand Canyon
No prizes for guessing where Ooh Aah Point on the South Kaibab Trail got its name © razyph / Getty Images

2. South Kaibab Trail

Best Grand Canyon hike 

6 miles round trip, 6 hours, hard

From The Chimney and Skeleton Point to

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