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The 9 BEST Things to Do in Mindo, Ecuador (2023 Edition)

Wooden Trail, Things To Do In Mindo

From ziplining through a rainforest, joining a chocolate tour to visiting a butterfly farm, here’s our list of the best things to do in Mindo, Ecuador.

Hiking awesome trails – The best things to do in Mindo, Ecuador.

Nestled in the heart of Ecuador’s Cloud Forest, Mindo is a little oasis of thriving natural beauty.

Full of lush greenery, exotic wildlife, and vibrant Ecuadorian culture, a visit to Mindo can be thrilling to the senses yet soothing to the soul at the same time.

The town of Mindo is quite small, so one full weekend provides the perfect amount of time to soak up the sights and take advantage of all the activities, while still having some downtime.

From Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, the northern bus station named Terminal La Ofelia has buses to Mindo for only $3.50.

The journey takes roughly two hours, and ends right in Mindo’s town centre.

We’ve put together a list of suggestions of what to do in Mindo, to help you make the most out of your trip!

The Best Things To Do In Mindo!

Everything in Mindo is within walking distance, but cheap taxis are available.

Buses run to and from Quito every day, every few hours, so you can easily get to and from Mindo at convenient times.

The transport is so easy and affordable and the town is so gorgeous that you just have to slide Mindo into your South American travel itinerary.

Here are the best Mindo attractions and actives in the area that will fill your weekend with natural beauty and unforgettable memories.

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1) Hike Along Waterfalls on the Ruta de las Cascadas

For an active day filled with nature, embark on a lengthy hike through the forest to visit up to seven waterfalls scattered throughout Mindo’s forest.

Buy some cheap snacks from one of the markets in town, and take a taxi up the steep road known as “Ruta de las Cascadas”.

At the top of the road you will pay $5 for the Terebita, a small cable car which will whisk you over the gorgeous, seemingly endless sea of vegetation below. It’s one of the most beautiful things to see in Mindo!

After exiting the cable car in the heart of the forest, you can begin your hike to the numerous waterfalls.

All the waterfalls are clearly marked on the map you receive at the Terebita, so you can hike along the woodland path without any worry.

Spend hours strolling along the winding dirt paths, resting in the presence of the beautiful cascades of…

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