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The Very Best Things to do in Zürich, Switzerland

things to do in Zurich

Are you looking for the best things to do in Zürich? You’ve come to the right place. We tried the best food, adventures, and activities in Switzerland’s largest city, and have rounded up the most beautiful lookouts and must-see attractions. Being the financial capital of Switzerland, Zürich is filled with chic restaurants, posh patrons, and a whole lot of money. Zürich is stylish and sophisticated, but it is also fun and laid back.

Best Things to do in Zürich

There are plenty of things to do in Zürich and to really appreciate it, you must spend at least three days exploring the Altstadt (Old Town) in the historic centre of Zürich alone. But there are plenty of other areas to see as well. We’re here to help you decide what to do first when you visit Zurich! But you can also read our complete The Perfect 3 Days in Zurich, Switzerland

1. Lindt Home Chocolate – Factory Tour

best things to do in zurich lindt home of chocolate

It may sound cliche to visit a chocolate factory when looking for things to do in Zürich, but this isn’t your ordinary factory tour. Lindt Home of Chocolate is a spectacle. Upon entering you come face to face with a giant chocolate fountain standing tall in the massive hall. It is then onto a tour to learn about the history of chocolate and eat a lot of chocolate.

We picked up our audio guide and selected our chosen language (English) as we followed the displays to explore the evolution of chocolate. It was an interesting and entertaining tour, but the real treat comes near the end when you enter a room filled with chocolate fountains.

fun things to do in zurich lindt factory

The fountains are pouring out the heavenly Lindt chocolate just waiting to be tasted. We grabbed a disposable spoon and tasted white, dark, and milk chocolate until our hearts were content. We didn’t realize that there was more, but as we walked on, we had another sample of chocolate bars to see if we could decipher the different flavors.

We failed, but we were happy to keep trying. Our tour then ended in a room filled with vats of famous Lindor chocolates allowing us to eat as many as we wished. The Lindt Home of Chocolate is truly a chocolate lover’s paradise.

Visit the Lindt Home of Chocolate Website for tours and information. Tours start at 15 CHF per person, you can also book experiences like making your own chocolate.

2. SUP on Lake Zürich

best things to do in zurich sup

Hands down our favorite thing to do in Zürich spending time on Lake Zürich. We made our way to Badi Enge where they rent paddleboards by the hour. It was so much fun to get…

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