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‘We will build a future of optimism’: PM’s transport promises examined

‘We will build a future of optimism’: PM’s transport promises examined

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The best way to get around Britain, the prime minister has demonstrated, is by business jet supplemented by chauffeur-drive limousine – though you have to watch out for those pesky seat-belt rules.

Rishi Sunak made a high-speed tour of the North of England on Thursday, which involved flying from Blackpool to Teesside and filming belt-free promotional videos. The purpose: to publicise the largesse represented by the government’s “flagship Levelling Up Fund”. More than 100 projects around the UK were awarded an average of £19m each.

“We will build a future of optimism,” the PM promised. Well, I have studied them all so you don’t have to. Three big-ticket transport projects – all £50m or so – caught my eye.

Transport unlocks everything and enhances lives. So I am predisposed to approve of infrastructure improvements. But each of these raised my eyebrows and lowered my spirits.

Let’s start in Kent: “£45 million for Dover to improve the flow of traffic from the UK to the EU, with more border control points and a new exit route to help the port operate more efficiently and reduce congestion on local roads.”

The people who worked passionately to seek a slice of the Levelling Up Fund for their local projects, only to be turned down, must be appalled.

This £45m should come straight from the Making Good Adverse Consequences of Brexit Fund. The only reason Dover needs tens of millions of pounds to try to cram more traffic in is because the government negotiated to ensure a hard border with the European Union was created beneath a cliff in east Kent.

Surely arch-Brexiteer Sunak recognised the traffic chaos the decision would cause and made financial provision for easing the gridlock while chancellor?

Next: “£48m to build a new entrance and footbridge for Peterborough train station, creating a new gateway to unlock the vibrant city centre for local people, commuters and visitors.”

The Conservative council leader and local Conservative MP took the opportunity to pose outside the ugly 1970s station entrance to the East Coast Main Line station with one of those silly giant cheques made…

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