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A Delicious Foodie Tour in Rome

A Delicious Foodie Tour in Rome

I’ve said it before, I can think of no better way to start a trip than with a foodie tour, and Rome is by no means an exception. So, as soon as I landed in Rome, I took my own advice, heading directly to the meeting point for The Roman Food Tour in the Trionfale neighborhood. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t miss a food tour in Rome and why I chose this one in particular.

The Roman Food Tour

Looking for the best food tours in Rome, I came across The Roman Food Tour website and I was drawn to their foodie tours in Rome’s neighborhoods. It’s always a good idea to step out of the main tourist areas and discover little treasures that only the locals know about.

About Food in Rome

Or should I say food in Italy? Food is such a big part of Italian culture and social life! People love to go out for lunch or dinner, meet friends for aperitivo, or just change a few words with the bartender while sipping the morning coffee. Sunday lunches are an opportunity to bring all the family around the table. Visitors crave Italian food but, more often than not, fall into tourist traps, eating mediocre stuff instead of the best, authentic food.

A food tour in Rome will be both a foodie and a cultural experience. You will learn about the typical dishes and their history, where the ingredients come from, and how to choose a good wine in the supermarket. It’s all valuable information, and it will keep you well-fed throughout your trip. You will know what to eat in Rome and where.

What’s more, you may forget some of the beautiful things you will see in the museums, but you’ll be talking for a long time about the food tour you took in Rome!

A foodie tour in Rome step by step

The meeting point for our Taste of Trionfale food tour was La Pasticceria Siciliana. I know, weren’t we talking about typical Roman food? Well, the truth is that Romans, like most Italians, prefer something sweet with their morning coffee. A Sicilian-style pastry shop is usually worth trying, wherever you are in the world.

We met our guide, Lucrezia, outside the café and sat at the reserved table on the terrace. Having coffee on the terrace in December is reason enough to book a flight to Rome, isn’t it? I like these small group tours, especially when I travel solo because it’s easy to have a conversation and feel included.

First stop – Italian breakfast

The tasting series started with a coffee of our choice and a cannolo. We went…

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