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Emirates Pricing Now Subject to Its Own Aeroplan Reward Chart

Emirates Pricing Now Subject to Its Own Aeroplan Reward Chart

In early December 2022, Aeroplan announced that Emirates flights could now be booked with Aeroplan points. This represented a major addition to the loyalty program’s roster of partner airlines, and one that was unique in that pricing would be subject to Emirates’s own chart rather than the standard pricing for partner airlines on the Aeroplan Flight Reward Chart.

It was also announced that Emirates bookings would be rolled out in three phases. During the first phase, Emirates pricing would be the same as other partner airlines, which was a boon for anyone looking to try out the onboard bar on the A380 on the cheap. 

We’ve now entered the second phase of the roll out, and it appears that Emirates flights are now subject to the pricing on the Emirates chart. It’s important to note that Emirates First Class still isn’t available on Aeroplan, although the timeline Air Canada gave was in early 2023, so it could be any day now.

Emirates Flights Now Subject to Own Chart

Emirates has its own reward pricing chart in the Aeroplan program, and the pricing is set out by total distance flown and class of service. The pricing for Emirates flights booked with Aeroplan will eventually be in a range of prices, rather than a fixed value as is the case with other partner airlines.

As a reminder, the Emirates reward chart is set out as follows:

It’s worth noting that pricing on the lower end of the range is still higher than the fixed pricing on partner airlines for similar flights. However, if the pricing skews towards the upper end of the range or anywhere in between, you’ll be paying a significant premium to fly with Emirates.

In one sense, the Emirates pricing is similar to Air Canada dynamic pricing, in that it depends on a host of factors. The full range of prices for Emirates flights is due to kick in later on in 2023, but for now, let’s take a look at how Emirates flights are pricing out.

Up to 2,000 Miles Flown

The range of 2,000 miles from Dubai covers destinations in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Indian Sub-continent, and the Horn of Africa.

In the lowest distance band of up to 2,000 miles flown, we are seeing prices of around 22,000 points in economy and around 47,000 points in business class. From Dubai, this covers destinations such as Istanbul and Malé.

It’s interesting to note that there is a minor difference between the destinations. In economy, there’s an…

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