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Review: Emirates 777 Business Class Dubai to Seattle

Review: Emirates 777 Business Class Dubai to Seattle

23On my final flight to bring me back to North America, I had the chance to try out Emirates’s 777 business class on a nearly 15-hour journey from Dubai to Seattle.

Over 14 hours is a long time to spend on any aircraft, and I was curious to see how this product would stack up compared to my previous Emirates flights, especially the A380 business class flight that I had just stepped off a few hours ago. 

Emirates 777 Business Class – Booking

As mentioned in my previous review from my inbound flights back from South East Asia, I booked my entire journey from Bangkok to Seattle via Dubai in Emirates business class for 87,500 Aeroplan points.

This time, I didn’t need to leverage Aeroplan’s 5,000-point stopover policy on my inbound journey, having transited in Dubai for just a few hours.

With the Bangkok–Dubai–Seattle route measuring under 11,000 miles in distance, I was able to make full use of the “Asia 3” sweet spot on the Aeroplan Flight Reward Chart.

As I live on the West Coast, the “Asia 3” sweet spot gives me the option to fly over the Atlantic or the Pacific, with plenty of choices for carriers. If I’m unable to find business class or First Class availability with an Asian carrier, then I also have the option of flying via Europe or the Middle East with a single connection.

Emirates 777 Business Class – Ground Experience

Prior to this flight, I killed some time in the Emirates Business Class Lounge (Concourse A) after my flight to Dubai on the Airbus A380.

It’s a sprawling space that mirrors the airport layout, albeit on the uppermost floor. Food-wise, there’s a decent buffet offering; however, it could definitely be of a higher calibre, and there’s no à la carte dining or unique offerings to elevate the experience.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai  (Concourse A) – Seating

Nevertheless, I made the most of my time there, finishing off some work and partaking in a light breakfast before boarding my flight to Seattle at Gate A21 directly from the lounge.
It doesn’t get much more convenient than heading straight from the lounge to the gate, which is one of the lounge’s best features.

Emirates Business Class Lounge Dubai (Concourse A) – Boarding gates

Emirates 777 Business Class – Cabin

Emirates operates three versions of the 777-300ER, with business class spread over two sections at the front of the aircraft.

The two-class version has a…

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