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15 Incredible Hikes in Albania (For All Levels)

View of summit Jezerca in Albanian Alps from Valbona Pass in Valbona Valley National Park during hike from Theth to Valbona

The hiking in Albania is one of the main reasons people are drawn to this amazing place. Over 70% of the country is mountainous, which makes for some incredible hiking trails in Albania, along with some amazing views.

Some of the best hikes around Albania are in, or very close to, some of the main towns and cities in Albania too, so you can find a fantastic base to hike and easily also see some of the best attractions in the country.

I lived in Albania for 2 months as a digital nomad, and the stunning scenery I saw on the various walking trails in Albania blew me away. So here are my top 15 hikes around Albania.

15 Best Hikes in Albania

I loved hiking in Albania; it’s one of my favorite things to do there. There are so many different hikes in Albania, and you’ll be able to find a trek, hike, or lovely walking trail no matter where you go. The views over gorges, valleys, and the water (lakes, rivers, and sea) are nothing short of spectacular.

I did lots of hiking in Albania, but I’ve narrowed it down to 15 based on the ease of getting there, the scenery and nature you see on the way, and generally the overall enjoyment.

1. Valbona to Theth (Hike the Accursed Mountains)

This one has to be top of the list. It’s the most famous hiking trail in Albania because it crosses the Accursed Mountains, also known as the Albanian Alps. It’s one of the best places to hike in Albania because you get to see the incredible beauty of this spectacular mountain group.

Valbona and Theth are both national parks in Albania, so as you can imagine, the scenery and nature is incredible.

The hike itself is fairly challenging but offers the best hiking in the Albanian Alps. I’d rate it between moderate to hard as parts of the trail are steep (in both directions), but it’s well-marked. A good pair of hiking boots and poles are recommended for this hike.

This is one of the best Albanian day hikes and is made even better by a couple of cafes to stop at for refreshments. I’d recommend stopping in at Cafe Simoni.

Trail Details and Information

  • Location: Close to Tropoje, Kukes
  • Length: 30.1 km/18.6 miles
  • Duration: 13 hours
  • Type of Trail: Out & Back
  • Elevation Gain: 2,213 m

2. Mount Gamtit

Mount Gamtit is home to one of the best treks in Albania to avoid crowds. It’s a moderately challenging route close to Kruje in Durrës, which is a fantastic place to explore. It’s also around 1.5 hours from Tirana by…

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