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How an eDreams Prime subscription can save you money on travel in 2023

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Sponsored by eDreams Prime

Last year we re-introduced international travel back to our lives, 2023 we hope to amplify that even more.

We began checking off that goal in the first week of January with a four-day vacation to the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas.  

High on our list for international travel in 2023: Paris, Italy, Ireland, the Greek Islands, and the German Christmas Markets! 

Now the girls are in school, we don’t have as much flexibility and have to be more diligent with our planning.  

That includes finding as many deals and discounts as we can to reduce the higher cost of international travel as a family of four.   

We’ll be sharing with you any hacks, products, or services we discover during our planning state to make travel more affordable and effortless.  

Let’s start with eDreams Prime Membership and their bi-annual eDreams Prime Day and how it can help you save money with discounted flights across multiple airlines and deals on epic places to stay around the world. 

The Way of the Future: Travel Subscription Model

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Ready to save money on travel!

I’m sure we all understand the benefits of subscription services making our life easier, and often cheaper.  

Subscriptions don’t have to start and end on the Netflix and Spotify couch. It can and does extend over into the travel space as well.  

Now more than ever, people want quality at an affordable price. Travel consumers in 2023 have a lot of options. A subscription model can help you lock that in, in a set and forget kind of manner – without forgetting about it! 

Travel discounts and deals are even more important because of the uncertainty seen so far in the twenty twenties! 

Using eDreams Prime, could be one way you proactively lock in some deals and save money on your next trip abroad.  

After researching the company and their site, and finding legitimate savings, we decided it was worth sharing with you as a useful resource for saving money on travel.  

What is eDreams Prime?

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eDreams is an online travel agency providing plane tickets and accommodation, as well as packages, cruises, car rental and insurance. 

It operates like other online flight booking sites, including the ability to set price alert updates, and choose the fun discovery search suggestion of “Make it a surprise and fly me anywhere!!” 

They also offer an annual subscription called eDreams Prime, where you can find even further discounts on flights and hotel…

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