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20th Anniversary Tauck Bridges Family Travel

20th Anniversary Tauck Bridges Family Travel

Do you remember your first assignment at a new job?  I certainly do.

Tauck’s Vice President of New Business Development Dan Mahar (now our CEO) handed me a draft business plan on “family travel.”  “Here.” he said, “We had a cross-company team put this together.  We have so many families already traveling with us, and we think we can both offer something unique for them and appease those guests who do not want to travel with children.  It’s a win-win.  Remember, unlike a theme park, the world is our canvas.  We can help families connect by managing all the logistics and challenges of travel.  They’ll have fun and share great memories together.   We want to pilot it next year.  You’re going to lead this.”  He gave me some marching orders, an open door for questions and guidance and sent me off.

I remember my heart racing and a zillion questions bouncing through my brain.  Recently relocated from an advertising job in Taiwan and newly married and childless, I really didn’t know much about family travel, except my own personal experiences.  My dad sold insurance and would win incentive trips, and he and my mom took my brother and me along.  Between those and visits to my mom’s family in Germany, travel was always a priority in my home.  I threw myself into it and, with Dan and the help of a cast of dozens at Tauck, we did pilot Tauck Family Travel in 2002 (despite the setbacks of 9/11, I should note) and launched Tauck Bridges in 2003.

Twenty years later, much has changed.  I have four children (one already in college….in Switzerland!) and enjoyed many different roles at Tauck.  But my affection and pride in Tauck Bridges only grows, and over time, I’ve come to appreciate–what we internally at Tauck call–the “shared enrichment” we offer even more.  Especially given the colossal challenge of Covid, time with family is fleeting and precious.  Nothing—nothing—enriches lives more than traveling together as a family.  Watching the wonder on my children’s faces and feeling their excitement of walking into a castle or palace or spotting a leopard…or two…or three wins unmatchable smiles and memories.

I also came to appreciate the ease of having someone else do the planning.  Moms (Ok, some dads too), you get this.  You’re on the firing line of “What are we doing today?  I don’t want to do that!  How come he gets to decide?  Why is it taking so…

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