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Top 15 Glamping Mexico Getaways For Your Bucket List

Glamping Mexico

Glamping in Mexico is a fascinating experience, especially for those who love to sleep in nature but don’t want to forego creature comforts. Home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches, Mexico is truly a stunner, making it an ideal setting for glamping, a more glamorous way to go camping. 

Glamping has become a popular trend in Mexico over the past few years. It comes with all the perks of a nature getaway without sacrificing the comforts of a hotel. With more and more people choosing glamping over staying in a traditional resort, Mexico’s glamping scene is growing. You will now find numerous glamping sites scattered around the country, from treehouses perched in lust rainforests to beachside luxury tents with high-end amenities. 

In this post, we’ve rounded up the 15 best places to stay when glamping in Mexico. Hopefully, these will inspire you to plan your next adventure getaway.

Top 15 Glamping Mexico Getaways

Glamping Mexico Breakdown

Our quick breakdown below will give you an idea of which glamping sites stood out from our list. 

Overall Best Glamping Site in MexicoSerenity Glamping

Best Luxury Glamping in MexicoBaja View Project

Coolest Glamping Site in MexicoWing Treehouse

Best Family Glamping Site in MexicoMarea La Paz Glamping

Most Romantic Glamping Site in MexicoHideout Monterrey

Most Unique Glamping Site in MexicoCustom Blue Bird 1991 School Bus

Tulum Glamping Mexico

Tulum, Mexico

The 15 Best Glamping Sites in Mexico

There are numerous glamping sites in Mexico, but we believe these 15 properties are guaranteed to offer an unforgettable experience.

Playa Viva Wing Treehouse

Playa Viva Wing Treehouse

Credit: Playa Viva Wing Treehouse

Where: Juluchuca, Mexico 

Price: $599+ per night

If you’re looking for the coolest glamping site in Mexico, stay in the Wing Treehouse, a gorgeous treehouse inspired by the wing of a Manta Ray. The treehouse is fully furnished, including a king-sized bed to sleep two guests, with the option to pay for extra guests. One of its best features is the net hammock that extends over the front, offering the perfect place to relax and unwind as you take in the views.

The Wing Treehouse is only a short walk to the common area, where you can hang out to connect to Wi-Fi. You will enjoy gourmet meals as part of your booking and activities like oceanside morning yoga.

Tulum Serenity Glamping

Tulum Serenity Glamping Mexico

Credit: Tulum Serenity Glamping Mexico

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