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13 Fun & Best Things To Do On Brač Island, Croatia

Sumartin town view at Brac island

Located where Central and Southeast Europe meet on the shores of the Adriatic Sea is the beautiful country of Croatia. With its numerous peaceful islands, fairytale-like waterfalls, and some of the best beaches in Europe, Croatia has long been a very popular destination with visitors from near and far.

While many of these visitors rightly put the mainland coastal towns like Split on their Croatia itinerary, and perhaps an island off of the Dalmatian Coast like Hvar, far fewer choose to make the trip to the island of Brač. The largest Croatian island in the area, Brač Island is just a 50-minute car ferry from the harbor of Split and can be a multi-day destination or a wonderful day trip from the mainland city.

Sumartin town view at Brac island
sanzios / Shutterstock

Being the largest island in southern Croatia, there are a ton of ancient sites, picturesque coastal towns, and incredible beaches to enjoy here – a lot to consider when you’re working with limited time. So, if you’re ready to explore Brač, grab your ferry tickets, your Brač Island map, and check out our ViaTravelers video and the list below of the best Brač Island things to do.


  • Most significant landmark – Vidova Gora Mountain
  • Best free activity – Lounging on Golden Horn Beach
  • Best activity for kids – Boat Tours and Water Sports around the coast
  • Best activity for adults – Stina Winery
  • Best food – Mali Raj at Zlatni Rat
  • Best nightlife – Beach Bar Nautilus
  • Best all-around accommodation – Bluesun Holiday Village Bonaca

Best & Fun Things to Do On Brač Island, Croatia

1. Explore the Town of Supetar

View of Supetar, Croatia from the Sea
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

We’ll start off in the place where your passenger or car ferry is most likely to dock on Brač – Supetar, the main town on the island. While it is Brač’s largest town, it is still a very small town, and everything here is within walking distance for any day-trippers from Split without a car.

The history of this old town dates back hundreds of years. It is believed that this settlement was nearly abandoned until the Middle Ages when a breath of new life came through and revived the area because of its nautical location. When you tour the town now, however, what you will mostly find is architecture and development that began in the 16th Century. It was during this time, Supetar grew as a result of neighboring towns using the area as a harbor for trade.

There are quite a few things to do in Supetar, Croatia. All…

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