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15 Unmissable Things To Do In Cyprus

Breakfast in Cyprus

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Cyprus is a stunning Mediterranean island that offers visitors sun, sea and incredible sightseeing. It’s friendly locals welcome you with a smile, and the pace gets turned down a notch, allowing you to simply kick back and relax and let the stresses of daily life ebb away.

It’s famous for its gastronomy and wine culture, as well as its numerous historical attractions, since the island was once home to the Assyrian’s, Egyptian’s, Greeks, Persians and Romans throughout history.

Despite boasting a chilled atmosphere, there’s still so many things to do in Cyprus. In fact, there’s so much to see, I could write a book about it.

But if this is your first time to visit Cyprus, you had better make sure you add these attractions in Cyprus to your list…

Where is Cyprus?

Cyprus is a large island in the Mediterranean, just south of the Anatolian Peninsula. Geographically it sits 80km south off the coast of Turkey, and east of the Greek Island of Crete.

While many think it belongs to Greece, it is in fact its own nation. It became the Republic of Cyrpus in 1960 and became part of the EU in 2004.

overview of a city

However, North Cyprus is a defacto state, also known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It makes up the northeastern part of the island and is recognised only by Turkey.

Despite being internationally recognised as part of the Republic of Cyprus, you still need to cross a border with your passport to enter North Cyprus.

Things to Do in Cyprus

Now that you are familiar with the geography, it’s time to take a look at the top things to do in Cyrpus!

Whether it’s your first time visiting Cyprus or you’ve been before, you must make sure you add these unmissable Cyprus attractions to your itinerary.

1. Visit The Adonis Baths

green pool of water in the jungle

Just tucked away around the South Western tip of the Island is the Akamas peninsula. Delightfully undeveloped (largely due to the British commando’s unsociable habit of using it as a firing range) it’s a fabulous spot for a bit of hiking.

According to Legend, the crystal-clear waters of the bubbling spring marks where the Greek God Adonis and Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love used to bathe.

In true Hollywood style the Greek god Adonis stumbled upon the bathing goddess whilst out hunting. He was instantly bewitched.

A beautiful story spoilt only by the insistence of the locals that…

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