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How To Get From San Jose To Monteverde

How To Get From San Jose To Monteverde


As is common across much of Latin America’s large cities, there are a variety of bus stations tied to specific companies or routes, rather than a single central bus terminal in San José.

The company that travels up to the cloud forests is called Transmonteverde, and all their buses leave from Terminal 7-10 – find it here on Google Maps.

They run two daily services from San Jose to Monteverde, with departures at 6.30am and 2.30pm.

The terminal is in the capital’s downtown area and easy walking distance from lots of accommodation, but some of you staying in the western or eastern neighbourhoods should take an Uber, especially if hoping to catch the first bus of the day. Taxis are also possible, but the app works really well in San José, is more convenient, and often better value. 

Given travel times, and the fact that Monteverde isn’t a very budget-friendly destination, we would recommend backpackers set the alarm early and catch the early morning bus; this means you can do an activity or get settled on your first afternoon, and helps cut down the number of nights you need to spend there overall. 

The bus tickets cost ₡3,030.00 (£4.40 / $5.50) and you can buy your them in advance on the Transmonteverde website. Travel time is in the region of 5-6 hours, and you’ll be dropped off at the small bus terminal in Santa Elena (maps); if you accommodation is in the the town centre, you’ll be a 5-15 minute walk away, but anything out in the hills or countryside may require a taxi. 

Our central hostel pick is OutBox Inn, whereas Camino Verde B&B is a nearby guest house.

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