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The Ultimate 10-Day Thailand Itinerary & Travel Guide (2023)

thailand itinerary 10 days

Looking for the ULTIMATE Thailand Itinerary?  Spending 10 days in Thailand is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable, jaw-dropping, and epic adventures in your entire life!  Complete with postcard-perfect beaches, unbelievably delicious cuisine, and incredibly welcoming hospitality – there is definitely a reason why Thailand is nicknamed the “Land of Smiles”. 

Thailand was actually the very first country I visited during all my travels in Southeast-Asia, and it’s safe to say that it got me completely hooked on exploring this magical region of the world.  While it isn’t all THAT long of a holiday, I wholeheartedly believe that this 10-Day Thailand itinerary I’ve put together is simply the best way to maximize your time in the country!

The truth is – I simply love helping people plan their travels and tour packages in Thailand!  I’ve rented apartments in Bangkok & Chiang Mai, partied at the major Thailand music festivals, and have spent months island hopping around paradise.  I’ve written dozens of articles about Thailand, so you’re in good hands, and I’m hoping that my Thailand trip itinerary can take away some of the stress you might have about planning your trip! 

The Ultimate Thailand Itinerary 10 Days

It really is going to be an amazing experience, and in this 10-day Thailand itinerary I’ll go over the best things to do, places to visit, island hopping tours, scuba diving hotspots, best national parks, transportation options, and give plenty of different options on where to stay!

So without further ado, let’s get started on my Thailand Itinerary!

Thailand Itinerary Day 1: Arrive in Bangkok

Your adventure begins in one of my personal favorite cities in all Southeast-Asia, and I really hope you love it as much as I do!  While at first glance it may seem a bit busy and chaotic, it truly is one of the most fascinating destinations in the world!  Filled with stunning temples, buzzing markets, smiling locals, and unbelievably delicious street food – Bangkok really is the perfect introduction to Thailand!  

The truth is, Bangkok is a city where you could visit for weeks, and still not have enough time to explore everything this city has to offer!  It’s such a massive city, and I swear every time I return to “The Big Mango” I find myself needing more time, and adding things to my to-do list. 

10-day Thailand itinerary

10-day Thailand itinerary

Vertigo Rooftop Restaurant | Banyan Tree

Since you’ll be arriving in Bangkok (and most likely will be…

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