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Budget-Friendly US Cities For Family Vacations

Budget-Friendly US Cities For Family Vacations

Let’s play Word Association! What first pops up in your head when you hear “family vacation”? I’d try to guess. Is it – noise?

  • Disneyland?
  • Ice creams?
  • Beach?
  • Sibling wars?

Or maybe – huge expenses? Nod if you agree – traveling is enriching, but it’s not cheap. 

Holidays are a great time to strengthen family bonds, make memories together, relax and just get fun. It’s also a fantastic chance for children to experience the world and learn something new through experiences rather than books. However, family vacation plans may spoil the adventurous mood when you start to count spending. Indeed, when you travel with your family, all expenses are multiplied by the number of children, so the costs increase. For example, the average family of 4 spends around $4,580 on vacation annually
It’s impressive, isn’t it?
So, how to enjoy the summertime without destroying your wallet? There’s one solution – bet on El Paso rather than San Francisco. In other words, choose cheap destinations! Travel experts developed the list of the most affordable US cities with amazing weather. They calculated Numbeo’s cost of living and added the rent index for North America to get that result. Based on their analysis, I chose 9 top budget cities that are kid-friendly, safe, and full of attractions to keep every family member happy! Sound interesting? Read on to find out more.

El Paso.

El Paso, Texas

El Paso is a border town in West Texas near the Rio Grande on the US-Mexico border. Did you know it was called Six Shooter Capital? But don’t worry, despite its wild-west past, it’s now peaceful. In fact, El Paso is ranked as the tenth safest city in the United States. Fortunately, you can still see remnants of the past there (and mentally transport yourself to the wild west), and because of how close the border is, you can simultaneously experience Mexican and American culture. That isn’t all. With 302 days of sunshine per year, El Paso has earned the title of Sun City and has become my favorite affordable destination for family vacations. To be honest, every family trip is better when the weather is sunny!

What to do:

  • Visit the El Paso Zoo 
  • Explore Franklin Mountain State Park
  • Check the area’s oldest inhabited village at Keystone Heritage Park
  • Try Mexican food
  • Book tickets in Viva El Paso and watch a show at McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre

Wichita, Kansas

If you want to experience the cowtown lifestyle,…

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