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Valentine’s Day travel: How to avoid breaking up with someone on a romantic holiday

Valentine’s Day travel: How to avoid breaking up with someone on a romantic holiday

Taking your first holiday together as a couple can often feel like a milestone in a relationship. But traveller, beware: romantic getaways can quickly go sour when up against the potential stresses that a trip abroad (or at home) brings.

Delays; logistics; itinerary decisions; managing different expectations: all these and more mean that the idyllic break you had in mind may well be fraught with emotional pitfalls.

But fear not; the Independent’s travel desk has been around the block when it comes to both travelling and matters of the heart. Here are our top tips for keeping your relationship on track when taking it on the road.

Share the load

Before you even set foot out of the house, how the trip has been planned, and by whom, can have an impact. Expecting one person to sort out every facet of your holiday, from transport to hotels to restaurant bookings, is a recipe for resentment. One of you may be more skilled in this area, but the other person should try to chip in – even if it’s just booking a cab to the station and researching a few must-do attractions. Also, ensure both parties have access to all timings and transport tickets – otherwise whoever solely has responsibility of the plans and travel docs ends up feeling like the parent of a wayward, useless child, rather than equal partners heading off into the sunset on a sophisticated tryst.

Swap plane for train

Airports – and aeroplanes, for that matter – are some of the least romantic places in the world. Having to remove your belt and shoes and flash the world your toiletries in a clear plastic bag is deeply unsexy, as is waiting around in a giant, glorified shopping mall for hours; being herded like cattle onto the plane; and folding yourself into a tiny seat with no leg room. If you want to start a romantic trip off right, consider opting for the train instead. If heading for Europe, you’ll begin your journey from the charming station of St Pancras, get through security in no time, and, with no liquid limits, are free to take your own bottle of Champagne onboard to toast your love. Also, it produces far fewer emissions than flying; so you’re showing your love for the planet as well as your partner.

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