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40 Italy Landmarks To Experience Once in Your Lifetime

The Trevi Fountain famous Italy Landmark on a clear, sunny day

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When it comes to the best Italy landmarks to see before you die, the list is daunting. Are you really going to be able to make it to Lake Como and the Vatican, Pompeii and the Ponte Vecchio, Cinque Terre and the Canals of Venice?

It’s impossible to see all of Italy in a single trip. And the single most common mistake I see travelers make in Italy is planning way too much in too little time — a zoom-across-the-country itinerary seeing so much and feeling so little. (Oh, and you can read the full list of Italy travel mistakes here!)

So which landmarks of Italy are worth visiting? You’ve got your major churches, historic landmarks, and piazzas, but there are a lot of gorgeous natural wonders that often get overlooked, but are worth visiting as well.

Here are some of the best Italy landmarks. Hope you enjoy planning your Italy trip!

Italy Landmarks Map

Above is the full map of Italy landmarks, via Google Maps. You can also access it here.

Use this map to help you plan your dream Italy itinerary — without running yourself ragged in the process!

And now, on to the list of the best Italy landmarks to visit once in your life. You’re going to love these places.

Trevi Fountain in Rome, via Shutterstock

Trevi Fountain

Submitted by Claire of Europe in Winter

When you’re visiting Rome, don’t miss the incredible Trevi fountain! Located in the Trevi district of Italy’s capital city, on a busy, largely pedestrian intersection, this architectural marvel has been impressing tourists for centuries.

The fountain you see today dates back to the 18th century, although there has been a water source on this site since 19 BC, in the Ancient Roman era. It’s actually the oldest water source in the entire city. 

It was remodeled in the 18th century by order of Pope Clement XII, who wanted to show off the city’s grandeur by way of a showstopping fountain. His idea certainly worked, as it remains one of the best landmarks in Italy to this day!

Showcasing various legends, the entire image of the Trevi fountain is built around the concept of “taming the waters.” Statues of gods Oceanus, Abundance and Health all stand around the fountain and represent using and living with water.

It’s traditional to throw coins into the fountain; legend has it that if you throw one, you’ll return to Rome, if you throw two,…

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