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A Concise Guide To Help You Discover Some Of America’s Hidden Gems – Earth’s Attractions

Wyoming Devils Tower

The USA is a country undeniably rich in landscapes of preternatural beauty, whether you’re considering the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the sun-kissed coastline of California, or the fertile deer-haunted fields and woodland of Vermont.

However, while many of the nation’s most breathtaking natural attractions are renowned around the world, others are more of a secret, even to lifelong residents.

If you are keen to discover a few of these hidden gems for yourself, read on to discover what and where they are, so you can start planning your next adventure into America’s lesser-known corners.

First Things First: Planning Your Visits

Several of the hidden gems we are about to discover are scattered across the US, in some of its more remote and rugged regions. As a result, unless you are in possession of a sturdy 4×4, you may want to leave your own vehicle behind at the airport. That way, you can rent a more suitable ride to take you through the mountains, valleys, and mesas of America’s wildest spots.

Finding a secure parking spot for your own car won’t be a problem no matter where you are, as you can use Parkway Parking to find a wide range of safe and affordable options. For instance, if you will be flying out from Newark Liberty, you will find a selection of low-cost airport parking options complete with convenient shuttle services. All you need to do next is pick up your rental SUV at your destination and you’re all set to explore!

Pay A Visit To Devils Tower

Wyoming – Devils Tower

Wyoming is a state characterized by rugged, awe-inspiring landscapes, roamed on horseback by that most romantic American figure, the cowboy. As a result, it may not surprise you that there are a number of natural wonders to explore here, including the jagged peaks of the Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, and the wildlife-rich grandeur of the Lamar Valley.

However, one hidden gem you may not be aware of is the Devils Tower, not far from Sundance, near the border with South Dakota. This singular landscape feature juts out of the gently rolling hills that surround it, creating a perplexing outcropping steeped in First Nations legend.

No one quite knows how it came to be formed, but one thing’s for sure – it makes a truly unforgettable sight.

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